Why Media Don’t Cover Jihadist Attacks on Christians


The narrative of an evil Israel and oppressed Muslims comes undone.

Iran and the Relevance of Purim

Hassan Rouhani

The eerie parallels of today to the Persian Empire’s attack on the Jewish people.

J Street Backs Terrorist Refusal to Recognize Israel as Jewish


Apparently the J in J Street stands for anything but Jewish

American Jewish Congress VP: Hillary’s Israel Speech Full of Lies


“Why did you put together a charm campaign for the Muslim Brotherhood,”

Muslims Throw Puppies at Israeli Police


They opened the bags and found three puppies had died on the spot,

The Worst Alternative


Why a one-state solution is the only viable option Israel has left.

And When He Cried the Little Children Died in the Streets

Pro-Palestinian demonstration to boycott Israel

The British Left’s obsessive hatred of Israel — and complacency toward genuine evil.

CNN: Jewish Leaders Skeptical of Hillary for Soft on Iran Policies

hillary clinton

Anyone who falls for Hillary’s pro-Israel routine ought to stick to buying bridges.

Israel Under Siege as Nuke Talks Open

APphoto_Mideast Israel Syria

Jerusalem does not have the luxury of fantasizing.

Obama Inc. Blasts Israeli Defense Minister After He Says Israel Must Deal with Iran


The Obama administration used unprecedented language to condemn the Defense Minister.