The Car Intifada

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A death cult’s new killing machines.

The Only Way that Terrorism Will End


The price of restraint is death.

Murdered Israeli Woman: “They Must Pay the Price for their Terror. It Is the Only Way to Stop Terrorism.”


They refused to listen when she was alive. Will they listen now that she’s dead?

Middle Aged Man Punches Out Hamas Terrorist Attacking Soldier


“We have a passion for death like our enemies desire in life.”

Muslim Terrorist Released by Israel Stabs Young Woman in the Neck


If he was released in one of the peace deals, then this is more Israeli blood on Obama’s hands.

Israel-Bashing from Amnesty International

Amnesty raises awareness for human rights situation in Mali

A new report turns the victim into the villain.

Palestinians Being Evicted in Gaza


Guess why the press isn’t talking about it.

Obama Inc. Rejects Joint Chiefs of Staff Defense of Israel


Who is a better expert on combat… Obama, Psaki or the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Terror Decentral


Time for Israel to destroy the indoctrination and incitement that trigger Palestinians to kill.

The Democrats Can’t Afford to Lose Israel


Without Israel, the Democratic Party loses its Jewish appeal.