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What the Left’s lowered expectations of the Islamic-Arab world really means.

Hamas Apologist Appointed to High Mideast National Security Post


Obama’s new blame-Israel-first point man.

Tri-Faith Initiative Rabbi Tries To Sabotage Omaha Pro-Israel Event


When the fear of being called an “Islamophobe” matters more than one’s own survival.

Alisa Doctoroff, Sears Heirs and Other American Jews Harming Israel


Supporting the demise of the Jewish State.

Farewell to University Free Speech


Pat Condell reacts to the disturbing news that 80% of U.K. campuses restrict free speech.

Life Under the US Umbrella


The questionable promise of U.S. “protection.”

Students and Staff at Top U.K. University Vote to Blacklist Israeli Academic Institutions


Jew-hatred on display at Britain’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

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The Outstretched Hand: Symbol of Palestinian ‘Revolution’

David Ip_flickrcommons_1

The international community’s billions of dollars in handouts to the Palestinians.