Obama’s War on Israel


The modern Left’s defining foreign policy: boycott Israel, not Iran.

Israel Won’t Submit to Boycott Threats


Why Kerry’s efforts to intimidate the Israeli leadership won’t succeed.

Israel in 1968 & 2014: The Jews Are Alone


Revisiting a prescient article by philosopher Eric Hoffer published just after the Six-Day War.

Judea and Samaria Are Israel


The indisputable facts of the so-called “disputed territories.”

The Left’s Double Standard on Boycotting Israel and Iran

Pro-Palestinian demonstration to boycott Israel

Boycotting Iran, the left tells us, will lead to war. Boycotting Israel, will lead to peace.

The Israel Irish Defense Force


O’Sullivan roared out of his base in Haifa with a “liberated” Cromwell tank.

Muslim Scholar: “Allah Gave Israel to the Jews”, “Palestinians are the Killers of Children”

jordan sheikh1

“(The Jews) are peaceful people who love peace, who are not hostile, “

Israel’s Economy Is Booming – Sorry, Boycotters & John Kerry


The anti-Israel movement can’t hold back the thriving Israeli democracy.

Abbas the ‘Moderate’


Despite his polished appearance, the Palestinian leader’s words betray his true intentions.

Widow of Murdered Israeli Who Worked With Child Terror Victims Blasts Kerry


Kerry is “living on a planet of his own,” she said.