‘Ehr Daw’ —- They’re Here


A dangerous enemy is on the march and closing in.

White House: American Values Demand We Keep Jews Out of Jerusalem


“The idea that we’d have this ethnic purification as a condition for peace.”

The Silent Intifada

Palestinians hurl stones during clashes with Israeli police in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Wadi Joz

A disturbing wave of violence unleashed.

Congresswoman Calls for End to Federally Funded Campus Anti-Semitism


“It is vital to ensure that academic programs do not become tilted against Israel.”

The Lies They Tell


Palestinian terrorists ramp up their blood libels against Israel.

Obama Warns Building Houses in Jerusalem Will Distance Israel

obama netanyahu

Meanwhile Obama will go on protecting Iran’s nuclear program.

Palestinian Authority News Praises Killers of 3 Israeli Teens as “Martyrs”

Palestinians Continue Peace Talks In Mecca

There’s no difference between Hamas and the PLO

What the Arab World Produces


And how the world suffers the consequences.

Lord of the Rings Star Claims Only “Small Minority” of Palestinians Engage in Terrorism


“Palestinian” Arabs have elected two terrorist parties to power.

PR Agency Proclaims: Israel Is Controversial, Muslim Brotherhood Is Not


The bigotry and double standards of one of the nation’s leading PR firms.