Positive News for Israel in the New Year


The top factors inspiring optimism.

The Arabs’ Betrayal of the Palestinians

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Why the Palestinians’ biggest supporters refuse to pay the millions of dollars they pledged.

Celebrating Anti-Israel Extremists


Radical leftists pose a threat to Israel and America — and are adored by Western journalists.

Is Israel Really Going to the Far Right?


If you don’t believe that something is real, then you aren’t rejecting it as an option, but as a plausible outcome. Israelis have voted for pro-peace candidates before. And even Netanyahu is officially committed to the Two State Solution. But nobody on the Israeli side, aside from a few left wing nutballs, really believes that peace is going to happen with the Palestinian Authority.

African Migrants Make Up 1 Out of 8 People in Israeli City of Eilat


The third organization called HaKilerim (The Killers) was considered the most dangerous and specializes in collecting protection money from Jewish businessmen, Sudanese refugees and Romanian workers, Chinese and Filipinos who settled in the area and opened small businesses, as well as prostitutes and drug addicts.

Song of the Murdered


Zlata Razdolina composes a stunning requiem in memory of Holocaust victims.

Why Lifting the Israeli ‘Occupation’ Won’t Stop Violence

A Hamas supporter carries a mock Qassam rocket during a demonstration against Israel at al-Yarmouk Camp

A commonsense consensus is emerging in the Jewish State.

The Anti-War/Anti-Semitic Defense Chief


The disastrous nomination of Chuck Hagel.

The Naftali Bennett Phenomenon


Changing the face of Israeli politics — and the future of the Mideast conflict.

National Jewish Democratic Council Refuses to Endorse Hagel

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The shorter version is, “Hagel may hate Jews, but put your faith in Barack Obama.” A question however arises. If Obama’s support for Israel is so unrivaled, why did he nominate a man that even the NJDC can’t bring itself to support?