Hagel Proposed 60,000 Man/10 Year US Occupation of Jerusalem and West Bank

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The United States would find itself trading places with Israel, on the front lines of a new terrorist war. It would be about the worst move possible. And the fact that Hagel signed on the dotted line raises serious questions about his judgement.

American Consulate in Jerusalem Rejects Jews, Focuses on Palestinians

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The vast majority of the residents of Jerusalem are Jewish. The American consulate in Jerusalem is choosing to ignore 64 percent of the population of the city because it disapproves of their existence.

Palestinian Muslims Planning “Mini-Intifada” for Obama Visit


The plan here is to embarrass Obama and disrupt his visit in the hopes of exploiting that to gain more concessions. It would be a dumb tactic with most foreign leaders, but with Obama it might actually work

Open Letter to CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein


Booklyn College lends legitimacy to the campaign to destroy the Jewish state.

Israel and the Sad History of Jewish Property Rights


The anti-Semitic legacy behind the rejection of the Jewish homeland.

Haaretz Hamas Supporter Attacks Organization of Holocaust Survivors

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The Israeli left never addresses anything of substance. Its past is a dark territory that it is forever fleeing. Everything it has done has come undone and all it has left is its hatred for the settlers and the soldiers. Without that, the left would wither up in a corner and die.

Hagel: Israel An Apartheid State


Obama’s choice for his defense secretary makes more sense as the appeasement dream team takes shape.

Rise of the Anti-Israel Evangelicals


Bedrock support for the Jewish State among Christians comes under attack.

Hagel: Israel is an “Apartheid State”, Must Negotiate with Hamas


Hagel also accused Israel of violating U.N. resolutions and called for U.S.-designated terrorist organization Hamas to be included in any peace negotiations.

Bill Maher Goes Full-Bore Anti-Semitic


And DNC honcho Donna Brazile nods along.