EU Hangs On with Hookers, Drug Dealers & Gun Runners


The questionable accounting gimmick countries are using to claim economic progress.

Muslim “Refugees” in Italy Reject Pasta, Demand Food from Own Countries


“There are thousands of Italians living in poverty.”

Italy Meets EU Standards with a Drugs and Prostitution GDP


Meet the new world economy. It’s as fake as a three-dollar bill.

2% of Italy is Muslim, 35% of Italian Prisoners are Muslim


There are 181 Imams in Italian prisons.

Female Politician Attacked by Muslim Over Burka Protest May be Jailed


Obviously it’s the native Italian woman protesting the Burka who will be jailed

Italian Election Proves European Union is Doomed


The Italian election has shown once again that the European Union is unworkable. Given a choice in democratic elections, the Greeks, the French and now the Italians, have voted for extremist and populist parties promising them that the debts will never have to come due.

Drunk Muslim Attacks Italian Fiance W/Broken Vodka Bottle for “Taking Name of Allah in Vain”


The Gazetta Iblea had the headline: “Paki handcuffed in the name of Allah”. Insula Report was more exact: “Rage in the name of Allah and Vodka”

52% of Rapes in Rome Committed by Immigrants, 59% in Milan, 40% in Italy


“He was horrible, he had no teeth, his face disfigured by scars”. This is how one of the latest victims of rape in Milan, a businesswoman of 42, described her attacker, Mohamed K., 32, an Iraqi illegal immigrant already convicted for theft, assault and wounding

Spain Is the New Greece


The EU debt crisis moves to a new location.

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The EU Approaches Critical Mass


National sovereignty may be the next casualty in the bid to save the union.

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