Bye-Bye London


The future disappears for Jews in England.

Why is a Gambler from Hong Kong Funding the Pro-Hagel Campaign?


Behind the bipartisan campaign is a partisan rich man who operates out of China and has done his best to influence the choice of the next Defense Secretary

The Liberal Anti-Semitic Projection Syndrome


Peter Beinart and J Street bring their attack on Israel’s supporters to a morbid gutter.

Illinois Democrat Running to be Palestine’s Congressman (VIDEO)


Brad Schneider stated that he hopes to “stand in the well of the Congress speaking on behalf of the Palestinians.”

Defeating the Jewish Alinskyites


The Jewish community has been infiltrated — and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

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Berkeley Hillel’s Betrayal of Israel


How the Berkeley chapter became a recruiting center for anti-Israel activism.

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The Anti-Israel Lobby


J-Street can no longer claim to support the Jewish state.

Obama’s Dangerous Diplomacy


How the Obama administration’s policies have undermined Israel, inflamed Palestinian extremism, and emboldened Iran.

The Jewish Paradox


The mystery of Jews who turn against their own.

The True Face of J Street


Is it really “pro-Israel” to call out for talks with Hamas?