Unbroken: Japan Still in Deep Denial Over Cannibalism Against US Soldiers


“The corporal said he saw flesh being cut from prisoners who were still alive.”

Japan Gives Up on Obama, Unchains its Army

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reviews Japan Self-Defence Forces troops in Asaka, Japan

The US can no longer be counted on.

The Disappearance of US Will


America retreats — and the world becomes more dangerous than ever.

Why Rand Paul is Wrong to Blame the US for Pearl Harbor


The US could no doubt have ceded Hawaii, but where does all that end?

Tokyo Court Allows Religious Profiling of Muslim Terrorists


The court ruled Japanese police had the right to collect information on Muslims

“Ambassador” Caroline Kennedy Already Offending Japan


It’s not like she can be fired.

Japan’s PM Accused of Honoring War Criminals


Stirring memories of fascist Japan.

The New York Times: America Sucks


Rwanda, Nazi Germany, America: what’s the difference?

Obama’s Pacific Pivot Going Swimmingly as Chinese Warships Approach Japan

Barack Obama, Hu Jintao

The Chinese naval taskforce to participate in the China-Russia “Joint Sea-2013″ joint naval drill conducted confrontation training in complex electromagnetic environment in a sea area of the Sea of Japan

When Enemies Infiltrated the White House


How a Soviet mole in FDR’s inner circle triggered Pearl Harbor – and its dire relevancy to our conflict today.