The Undemocratic Party Platform


A vote to put God and Jerusalem back in the party platform takes an Orwellian turn.

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Platform Chaos and Class Warfare at DNC


The Clinton charm offensive falls flat.

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Democrats Undemocratically Bring Back God and Jerusalem


There’s nothing like trying to reinsert language about God and Jerusalem that you removed and then tried to put back to fix your broken image, only to be booed by your own delegates who clearly aren’t fans of either God or Jerusalem… to show the country what you really stand for.

New Democratic Party Platform Betrays Israel


Position revision mirrors Obama’s decision to turn his back on our closest ally in the Middle East.

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Will America Forsake Israel?


A tiny democracy faces down immense obstacles.

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Israel: Obama’s Wedge Issue


Why the president has made it clear he’s courting the anti-Israel vote.

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Iran Amps Up Its Genocidal Rhetoric


Islamic Republic calls for annihilating the great “plight” on humanity, the Jewish State.

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The BBC Isn’t Sure Israel Has a Capital


While the capital of “Palestine” is declared to be “East Jerusalem.”

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Romney Takes Tough Stance in Israel


Republican candidate indicates he’ll treat America’s closest Mideast ally as a friend.

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Deconstructing the Israeli ‘Settlement’ Myth


How racist propaganda became the cause célèbre of the international community.

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