Restoring Israel’s Rights: The Levy Report


A new campaign kicks off to promote the Jewish State’s legal claim to Judea and Samaria.

Shiites: Syria War Will Ignite End Times


How the enemies of the West plan to bring back the Mahdi.

Muslims Steal Land from Christian Monastery… in East Jerusalem


When Israel builds apartment buildings in Jerusalem, Hillary Clinton denounces them as settlements. But when Muslims seize Christian land, John Kerry is silent.

Why the EU Should Follow Bahrain on Hezbollah

Lebanon's Hezbollah supporters gesture as they march during a ceremony to mark Ashura in Beirut's suburbs

If tiny Bahrain will call a terrorist organization what it is, why won’t the European Union?

War of Words in the Middle East


Obama backs Palestinians; Khamenei threatens Israel.

Obama Trip Map Cuts Jerusalem, the Golan Heights Out of Israel


The map of the Middle East displayed in an Obama administration video released days before President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel shows the Jewish state dispossessed of substantial parts of its current territory, including its capital.

Saudi Arabia Tears Down Column Marking Muslim Claim to Jerusalem

For some reason, Mohammed liked his livestock to have women's faces

The Muslim claim to Jerusalem is based on the “night journey” that Mohammed took on a flying horse from Mecca to Jerusalem.

How Hamas is Trying to Claim Victory Over Obama


It’s safe to say that Obama has no plans to visit the Temple Mount. That is why Hamas is pushing the rumor that Obama does plan to go to the Temple Mount and threatening violence if he does.

American Consulate in Jerusalem Rejects Jews, Focuses on Palestinians

jerusalem consulate

The vast majority of the residents of Jerusalem are Jewish. The American consulate in Jerusalem is choosing to ignore 64 percent of the population of the city because it disapproves of their existence.

West Longs for Jew-Free Zones in Jerusalem


For a preview of a Palestinian-controlled “East Jerusalem” look to the disaster of Bethlehem.