Public Relations and the Art of War


Why is Israeli PR so ineffective?

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In G-D We Trust, Not the Media


Lessons for Israel and the Jewish people.

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The State Department of Palestine


Where Jerusalem isn’t the capital of Israel.

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Martyrs, Murderers and a Mother’s Love, Part I


Inside the depravity of the Hamas death cult.

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Peace Fever Killing Israel


Slowly eating away at the Jewish State.

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The Global March to Jerusalem


Yet another major threat to the Jewish State.

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Jerusalem: The Heart & Soul of the Conflict


Exposing the Palestinian cause to de-judaize the mostly religiously important Jewish city.

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Jerusalem: More Than Just a City


A symbol of hope for humanity.

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Obama Continues His War on Israel


Confusing the fire fighter with the arsonist.

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The Jerusalem Terrorist Attack in Perspective: It’s Not Just the Palestinians Who Need to Recognize Israel

“I would ask them, if the Jewish state is fundamentally illegitimate in your eyes, that you’re never willing to accept its legitimacy, what sort of peace are you offering me?”