Palestinian President Abbas Hijacks Jesus’s Identity


While the Christian population in Palestinian territories dwindles to a quarter of its original size.

‘Muslim Jesus’ Demands Sharia Law and Jizya Tribute


The twisted biblical interpretations of Egypt’s most visible Islamist leader.

Swedish Archbishop: Why Pick Jesus over Muhammed?


What’s the difference?

The Problem With Reza Aslan’s Book About Jesus


The issue is not who the author is, but who he isn’t.

Christian Persecution Myth?


How the present debunks anti-Christian academics’ claims that early followers of Jesus made up stories of martyrdom.

Florida Atlantic University: Another Left-Wing Seminary


On American campuses today, desecrating Christianity will get you tenure.

JCPenney, Sears Pull Ad Buys From Saturday Night Live


A case study in how the Right can get results.

Exposing the Vatican-Islam Alliance


The Church’s increasingly disturbing ties and positions.

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The Nazi-Palestinian War on Jesus


Islamizing the Christian Messiah.

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Islam’s War on Christmas

Men look at the wreckage of a car follow

A reflection on Muslims’ insistence that Jesus is one of Islam’s most revered prophets.

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