The Pro-Terrorist Front Groups On American Campuses


My confrontation with propagandists for genocide at Ohio State University.

SJP: Promoting Hate Under the Guise of Social Justice


Students for Justice in Palestine and its Jew-Hate on campus.

Dorothy Zellner: When Leftism Becomes Your Religion


The co-founder of “Jews Say No” clings to the blame-Israel narrative.

Students For Justice in Palestine Hides True Intentions


Hamas doesn’t shy away from what its true goals are. When will SJP take off its mask?

SJP and the Anti-SJP Posters


A hate group is held accountable.

Temple University —- Anti-Semitism Battleground


Protestors stand up to Jew-Hate on an American campus.

Dr. Anna Geifman on “Life in Israel Under Siege” — on The Glazov Gang

on July 20, 2014 in Sderot, Israel.

The author of “Death Orders” shares life in Jerusalem during a state of war — and what it means to confront a death cult.

No Debate Allowed at Anti-Israel UCLA ‘Debate’


More Jew-Hate on an American campus.

How To Fight The Left in Political War — On The Glazov Gang


TruthRevolt’s Ben Shapiro, Jeremy Boreing and Elisha Krauss shed light on the tactics that lead to victory.

UT-Knoxville’s Newest Student Anti-Israel Hate Group


In case you feared there wasn’t enough Jew-hate on campus.