Anti-Zionists Stage Trial Farce


The Jew-Hating Left begins its proceedings at the “Russell Tribunal on Palestine.”

How Europe Funds Israel’s Destruction


Using European taxes to put cash into the pockets of jihadis.

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Egypt’s Candid Camera, Jew-Hate and Violence


Watch what happens when Egyptian actors are tricked to believe that the television channel they are on is Israeli.

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The Last Days of Jews in the Islamicized Europe


Rome’s largest synagogue looks like a military outpost, with private guards and policemen at every corner.

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The Ugly War Against Israel on College Campuses


Organizations tasked with defending Jews succumb to the comfort zone of silence.

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In the Face of Evil


All of us come face to face with evil, not all of us survive.

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Juan Cole’s Totalitarian Odyssey


Easy on Islamists, rough on democracies.