Ben Shapiro: First They Came for the Jews


A Truth Revolt video.

Reform Judaism: Is It a Bad Thing? — on The Glazov Gang


Three Jewish thinkers ponder what reform Jews contribute to Jewish identity and to the defense of Israel.

Freedom Center Launches ‘Jew Hatred on Campus’ Campaign


Announcing the ten most anti-Semitic campuses in the U.S.

Academic Progressivism Descends into Moral Madness


The web of indictments against Jews widens.

Video: Pat Condell on “Hypocrisy over Gaza”


Why Israel doesn’t owe a biased world any explanation for defending itself against murderers.

Jews Can Shoot


‘Never again’ doesn’t have to be an empty slogan.

Europe’s Muslim Hiterlites


Dutch TV shows Muslim kids praising Hitler and hoping for a new Holocaust.

Islam’s Favorite Infidel

aIslams Favorite Infidel graphic for FPM

Guess what screed of hate is a bestseller in Muslim countries?

Harvard, Jew Haters, Motherhood and Israel


The same evil wind that swept academia before the Holocaust is blowing through it again today.

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Truthful Girl Sinks Deeper


Jumanah Imad Albahri smears David Horowitz for pointing to the real causes of violence afflicting the black community.