Western European Muslims’ Jihad Against the Jews


A new study reveals the dark truth about the source of Jew-hatred in the Old World.

Jew Hatred on Campus

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David Horowitz and an esteemed panel speak on fighting the cancer infesting our universities at the West Coast Retreat.

David Horowitz Speaks at UNC


And causes campus supporters of terrorists to form an Unsafe at UNC Club the next day.

The Rising Global Anti-Semitism


The virus that has become an epidemic.

SJP’s Wall of Lies


Watch our slideshow that debunks the falsehoods.

O’Keefe’s New Video Refutes Cornell President Skorton’s Claim that He is Combatting the Jew-Hating and America-Hating Leftists on His Campus


Assistant Dean for Students, Joseph Scaffido, affirms that a pro-ISIS, pro-Hamas group would be welcome on campus.

Reform Judaism: Is It a Bad Thing? — on The Glazov Gang


Three Jewish thinkers ponder what reform Jews contribute to Jewish identity and to the defense of Israel.

Ben Shapiro: First They Came for the Jews


A Truth Revolt video.

Reform Judaism: A Betrayal of Israel? — on The Glazov Gang


Three Jewish thinkers ponder what is Jewish about Jews who support Israel’s enemies.

Freedom Center Launches ‘Jew Hatred on Campus’ Campaign


Announcing the ten most anti-Semitic campuses in the U.S.