Bill de Blasio and the Jews


What the radical history of New York City’s mayoral candidate says about him.

Weiner, Spitzer Doing Really Badly with Jewish Voters


77% of Weiner voters favor Spitzer.

Grassroots Jewish Republicans Moving to the Right

Dinah Abramson, Black Jewish Republican Delegate

The American Jewish consensus is collapsing into the same partisan divide as the rest of the country, with left-wing Jews on one side and right-wing Jews on the other.

See the SuperJewish District Where Romney Beat Obama 3 to 1


The Democratic Party’s radical swing to the left hasn’t alienated religious Black and Hispanic voters, but it has alienated religious Jewish voters for good.

“I’m a Jew, So I’m Voting for Romney” (VIDEO)


Watch as a reporter asks African-Americans and Orthodox Jews who they’re voting for. Pay attention to how many Orthodox Jews reflexively associate Jewish identity with voting Republican.

Romney Polling Better Than Reagan With Jewish Voters


In the last week, Romney has been consistently ahead of Reagan’s share of the Jewish vote. And in some polls, even the share of every Republican in the last 100 years.

Obama Polling Worse Among Jews Than Any Dem in 32 Years


Romney is taking a Reagan sized bite of the Catholic vote and is within 4 percent of matching Reagan’s numbers among Jews. You have to go all the way back to Jimmy Carter in 1980 to find a Democratic candidate who’s polling worse among Jews than Obama is.

The Death of Jewish Liberalism


Statistics indicate a transformation of the Jewish vote in the decades to come.

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