France’s Anti-Jewish Terrorism Epidemic


European anti-Semitism rises to a level not seen since Nazi Germany.

Europe’s Israeli Boycott Obsession


Is the anti-Israel movement winning?

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Public Relations and the Art of War


Why is Israeli PR so ineffective?

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Ron Paul: Blame Israel First


Why the Republican Jewish Coalition was right to give Paul the boot.

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The Jewish Enemies of Israel


Betrayal from within.

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The Miracle That Is Israel


Established and defended against all odds.

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CUNY Caves to Leftist Pressure on Tony Kushner


The Israel-hater and defamer will get his honorary degree.

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“Tony Kushner Is Disingenuous And Dissembling”


An interview with CUNY Board of Trustees member Jeffrey Wiesenfeld.

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No Honorary Degree for Israel-Hater Tony Kushner


CUNY holds an Israel-basher accountable for libelous statements against the Jewish State.

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Support for Anti-Semites on Campus

The American Association of University Professors’ latest newsletter features an attack by AAUP President Cary Neslon and the president of the American Jewish Committee, Kenneth Stern on Jewish students defending themselves from anti-Semitic attacks by seeking the protections of Title VI legislation.