Huthi Says Killing Houthi More Important Than Killing Jews

Jihad is all about priorities

“It does not make sense to fight the Jews as long as the Houthi group exists,” said Sheikh Huthi.

Iraq Wants Jewish Archive to Prove Ownership of the Tower of Babel


Israel is keen on obtaining the manuscripts to prove that the Jews built the Tower of Babel

The Tragedy of Anti-Christian Pogroms in the Middle East


The grim ties that bind the infidels of the Islamic world.

Ridding the Nobel Prizes of Anti-Muslim Bias


A dynamite idea.

Evangelicals: Vital for American Support for Israel

We Stand with Israel

Why outreach is more important than ever.

Humanitarian Tragedy: Iran’s Beleaguered Jewish Community


What genuine apartheid looks like.

Why the Jewish Archive Shouldn’t Go Back to Iraq


Experts add that Israel is keen on obtaining the manuscripts in order to prove their claim that the Jews had built the Tower of Babel

Last Jews in Egypt Support Fight Against Muslim Brotherhood Terror


Under Morsi, the last synagogue in Egypt was effectively shut down. So the few remaining Egyptian Jews are not unhappy to see him gone.

Iran-Israel Alliance of Nations


A new group of Iranian and Israeli activists seeks to promote better relations between the two nations.

Middle East Peace Process

Picture 2

Palestinian Authority cartoons: educating children on the scheming, demonic Jews.