Jews Under Muslim Attack in Europe


And what it should tell Washington about Israel and the Middle East.

Jewish Organizations Speak Out Against Hagel


The Hagel nomination is yet another opportunity to demonstrate that there is a fundamental breach between the interests of the Jewish community and of the extreme left that has taken over the Democratic Party.

Britain Is No Place for Jews

Sunday Times blood libel

A Nazi-style cartoon in the Sunday Times shows the true face of the U.K.

The Middle East’s Nazis


Never Again 2013.

Algeria Terror Mastermind Threatens Attacks Against French Jewish Schools

8-Year-Old Miriam Monsonego was murdered by a Muslim terrorist in what Islamist leaders now promise was the first of many attacks.

“I hope that France realizes that there will will be dozens of Mohamed Merahs and Khaled Keikals on a Jewish school in Villeurbanne,” he said, stressing that “the attack in In Amenas is merely the beginning.”

National Jewish Democratic Council Refuses to Endorse Hagel

Three monkeys

The shorter version is, “Hagel may hate Jews, but put your faith in Barack Obama.” A question however arises. If Obama’s support for Israel is so unrivaled, why did he nominate a man that even the NJDC can’t bring itself to support?

No Hebrew, Please — This Is Europe

Mail Attachment

Across a continent, Jews are being terrorized into hiding their identity.

Israel in the New Year: Resounding Successes, Looming Threat


The Jewish state is thriving, but its enemies are advancing.

Secretary Chuck Hagel? Bring It On!


Obama poised to nominate one of the few ferociously anti-Israel senators in the past generation.

Hamas Nazis and Their American Supporters


Hamas doesn’t hate Israel, it hates Jews.