Norwegian ‘King’s Medal’ to Go to Radical Anti-Semite


Public outcry ensues over honoring a jihad supporter who warns followers to “beware the Jews.”

Senate Dems Hold Up Human Rights Legislation


Religious minorities under siege in the Middle East are left to twist in the wind.

The True Meaning of Israel’s Sartaba Mountain


Ancient lessons from the people of Israel and what they mean to the Jewish community today.

The Jewish Gene?


How to account for Jewish self-betrayal?

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My Middle East Reality


The world must be alerted to the endemic Jew-hatred that unites the region.

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Egypt Shuts Down Last Jewish Synagogue


Levana Zamir, who heads the International Association of Egyptian Jews in Israel, comments: “It seems this is really the end of Jewish life in Egypt.”

How Leftist Jews Make Terror Kosher


The useful idiots of our time.

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Scandinavia: The Liberal Anti-Semitic Sanctuary


An old, familiar hatred has merely undergone a makeover.

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Roger Garaudy: From Stalinist to Islamist


The Muslim world mourns a Jew-hater.

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Bulgarian Massacre: Islamists Do Better Than Nazis

Smoke is seen after a blast at Bulgaria's Burgas airport

It’s the new Europe. Who are the new Eichmanns?