Did the FBI Drop the Ball on the Texas Shooting?

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How did a known radicalized criminal get so close to committing a massacre?

Exposed: Egypt’s Institutionalized Persecution of Coptic Christians


It’s not just the Muslim mob. It’s the Muslim government.

FIU Names Radical Muslim to New Post


Exposing Florida’s youth to an anti-Israel Islamist.

Cartoonists are Controversial and Murderers are Moderate


The controversial, intolerant and provocative mocking of the Jihad.

ISIS-Inspired Jihad Comes to Texas


Sleeper terrorists in America make their move.

NY Times Slanders Victims of Texas Attack


America’s dishonest paper of record.

A Malignant Cause


A genocidal movement and its campus allies unveiled in Vol. 4 of the Black Book of the American Left.

“Tiny Minority” of Terror-Supporting Muslims?


Let’s do the math.

Islam and the Omaha Tri-Faith Initiative


A Muslim Brotherhood charade in the American heartland.

Doonesbury for Sharia

Garry Trudeau

Hard-Left cartoonist Garry Trudeau assures us he would “never draw the prophet.”