Abandonment of Christian Victims of Genocide Today


Obama leads the way in turning a blind eye.

David Horowitz on Larry King’s ‘PoliticKING’

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 1.27.24 AM

Freedom Center president discusses his new book, “The Black Book of the American Left: Volume IV: Islamo-Fascism and the War Against the Jews.”

Raymond Ibrahim on the Truth About Arab Dictators and Jihadi Strategy


Shillman journalism fellow sheds light on the sociopolitical struggles of the Middle East.

Hillary Lied, Libyans Died


Hundreds just died because of Obama and Hillary’s illegal Libyan war.

Christians Accept Execution Rather Than Renounce Christ for Islam


ISIS’s gruesome warning to the West.

Congressman Ellison and Jefferson’s Koran


What does Ellison know about the Koran he used for his ceremonial swearing-in?

Video: Robert Spencer on Hillary Clinton’s War On Free Speech


Aiding the enemy’s effort to stigmatize counter-terror efforts as “hate speech.”

The Proper Punishment for Dzhokhar — on The Glazov Gang

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Michael Loftus, Ann-Marie Murrell and Ari David offer some creative ideas.

Living While an Infidel (LWI): The Garissa University Massacre


Another instance of Islamic-on-everyone and anyone aggression.

Holiday Church Destruction in the Islamic World


Christians of the Muslim world punished for Easter Sunday.