Jihad on Egypt’s Christian Children


Islam’s war on the innocents.

ISNA Discusses Interfaith Success with Erdogan

A masked member of Hamas stands in front of a banner during a protest in Central Gaza Strip

U.S. Brotherhood entity boasts of political alliances with non-Muslims.

Islam’s New War on Christians Exposed: Raymond Ibrahim Interview


The terrifying truth of Christian persecution — and the world’s callous indifference.

By Their Bloody Hands


Who is it exactly that is destroying our civilization “from within”?

Iranian Terror Cells Infest South America


Jihad moves next door.

The Immoderate Moderation of the “Moderates”


When silence speaks volumes.

Mass Anarchy Descending on Syria

Syrian rebels flash 'victory signs' in Aleppo

The grave jihadi threat on the horizon.

Extremist Muslim Moderates and Moderate Muslim Extremists


The blurry line between terrorists and their tacit supporters.

The View from Londonistan


What was once the cradle of human liberty is now a slave to totalitarian ideology.

Thought Criminals Arrested after London Horror


The anti-Muslim “backlash” isn’t quite what the Left would have us believe it is.