The Islamic ‘Ghosts on the Roof’


The warnings the West rejects at a heavy price.

Obama’s Summit of Jihad Denial

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.53.38 PM

While ISIS slaughters, the president searches for a “community” response.

Poverty Doesn’t Cause Terrorism


Debunking the Obama administration’s suggestion that terrorists just need jobs.

Former Islamic Imam Confronts Islam and the Brotherhood — on The Glazov Gang


An ex-Muslim who lives under threat of death for converting to Christianity comes out swinging.

The Muslim Brotherhood-ISIS Connection


Another link in a long chain of related terror organizations.

There Is No Modern Islam

ISIS Al-Qaeda Militants Fighting Syrian Civil War

ISIS is modern Islam.

Make the ISIS Caliphate a Jihadist Kill Zone


What committing a serious fighting force to decimate ISIS would mean for Mideast stability.

Is Criticism of Islam a Hate Crime?


Why the New Atheists did not kill 3 Muslims in Chapel Hill.

Heroes of Freedom Died in Copenhagen


Men die to defy Muslim terrorism.

Islam: Banned for Blasphemy?


Why the first victim of “blasphemy laws” would be Islam itself.