Egypt’s Hatred for Anne Patterson


Why protesters are calling for the ambassador to leave the country.

Syria’s Graphic Beheading Videos


Their ultimate significance.

Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Ponder “Sexual Jihad” in Tahrir Square


The fatwa supposedly came in response to a question by a female Brotherhood supporter asking if ‘sexual Jihad’ is allowed in Rabea al-Adawiya Square

America’s Sociopath Fetish


What has feminism accomplished if American women lust after jihadist murderers and other killers?

Man Named Jihad Sets Massachusetts Apartment on Fire Because of his Name


He got into his car and drove away as flames poured from his apartment and a neighbor rushed to see what had happened.

Britain’s Powerful Enemies of Freedom

HOPE not Hate

The hatred of the U.K.’s group “Hope Not Hate.”

Pro-Islam Western Scholars and the ‘Real’ Islam


Responding to the self-anointed representatives of the Religion of Peace.

Copts under the Gun: Religious Freedom in Egypt


The Islamic terror on Egypt’s Christian children.

‘Branding Terror’ and the Art of Propaganda


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What is Exceptional About America? — on The Glazov Gang


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