Fatah Praises Proud Mother of Three Palestinian Terrorists


Israel’s so-called “peace partners” honor woman who gave her sons “to Jihad for Allah.”

Obama and the Jihad

Picture 82

Distinguished panel discusses the threats we face from without and within at the Freedom Center’s West Coast Retreat.

Why I Am Not a CPAC Conservative


Defenders of free speech and equality before the law find themselves without a place under the right-wing tent.

Video: Pamela Geller’s AFDI Ads Go Up in San Francisco


Is it really “hate speech” to quote jihadis and the Koran?

Obama’s New Libya


Coptic Christian tortured to death in the jihadi state Obama helped create.

Wise As Serpents?


The cancellation of Robert Spencer’s talk and Catholic naivete about Islam.

Through These Blues


A view from inside the political jihad arena.

The Promotion of Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism in Egypt


Unveiling the horrifying edicts that come from the highest authority of Islamic jurisprudence.

Canadian Supreme Court Kills Last Hope for Free Speech


Even stating factual information will be met with state oppression.

Hezbollah and the Future of Syria


Jihadi geopolitics in a powder-keg.