Muslim Persecution of Christians


The Arab Spring continues to transition into a Christian Winter.

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Muslim Terror for Christmas

muslim terror

Presents of death from the religion of peace.

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Distorting Reality to Justify Jihad


The warped lengths Islam’s leaders go to…

Protesting the Butchers of Sudan’s DC Lobbyist


The Islamist government has goals to accomplish in Washington.

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Willful Blindness Toward Terrorists at UCLA a Decade After 9-11


The University of California hosts a peculiar roundtable discussion.

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Muslim Persecution of Christians at a Crossroads


The time to act is now or never.

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The Pessimists Win in the Middle East


The Arab Spring marches toward the Islamist Winter.

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Iraq’s Christians Near Extinction


’Tis the season for great folly…

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‘Homeland’ Finale – The Verdict Is In


Once again Hollywood blames America first.

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The Ugly War Against Israel on College Campuses


Organizations tasked with defending Jews succumb to the comfort zone of silence.

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