Christie’s Embrace of Islamo-Fascists


New Jersey Governor signs on as a useful idiot for the jihad.

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The Obama Administration’s War on Persecuted Christians


Why is the State Department opposing policies that would help the victims of Islam?

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The Mega Mosques Boom


A creeping rise around the globe.

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Caroline Glick: Israel on the Eve of U.S. Elections

Mitt Romney, Benjamin Netanyahu

The Middle East expert speaks on American-Israeli relations.

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Losing Our Sons


A powerful new documentary focuses on the jihadi murder of PV2 William “Andy” Long in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Punishing Bachmann


Forbidding questions about the Brotherhood.

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How Europe Funds Israel’s Destruction


Using European taxes to put cash into the pockets of jihadis.

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Islamic Center Must Violate Our Laws in Order to Have Religious Freedom


Liberty is paid for in installments, by each generation. Now is our time.

‘Inquisitr’ Interviews Shillman Fellow Raymond Ibrahim


Freedom Center journalist answers the burning question: Who is telling the truth about Islam?

Saleha Abedin and The Muslim Sisterhood


Why our media’s silence about Huma Abedin’s mother represents a grotesque and dangerous dereliction of duty.

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