Islamic Infiltration in American Schools — on The Glazov Gang


Even our children aren’t exempt from stealth Jihad.

Robert Spencer on “How Islam Inspired the Charlie Hebdo Massacre” — on The Glazov Gang

Photos of the day - January 8, 2015

What drove the murderers – and what drives the deniers.

The Charlie Hebdo Massacre and Jihad-Denial — on The Glazov Gang


More deceit and deflection about yet another Islamic terrorist attack.

Fear of an Anti-Muslim Backlash


Is it really a backlash that Muslims fear or a moral reckoning?

World Unites for Freedom —- Obama Stays Home


The president’s shameful snub of the Charlie Hebdo rally.

Welcoming Terrorists at the International Criminal Court


Hamas-linked “Palestine” gains membership to the Supranationalist court.

How the West Destroyed Libya


Western leaders should be “judged at the Hague, for atrocities against humanity.”

Obama & de Blasio —- Now Is the Time to Lead


Key leaders missing in action — and putting citizens’ lives in jeopardy.

Western Sleepwalkers and the Paris Massacre


After all the brave words and feel-good marches, what significant action will be taken?

French PM Declares War on ‘Radical Islam’


Eric Holder refuses to go along.