Nigeria: Where Jihad and Christian Persecution Run Rampant


The latest in a tremendously long list of jihadi atrocities.

Why Terrorists Kill


The deadly combination of money, power and Islam.

Sex Jihad and Western Disbelief


The new face of Islamic trafficking of women.

Al-Shabaab and Obama’s Family Push For Islamic Kenya


What the Nairobi mall massacre really means.

Inviting CAIR to Church


More churches team up with Hamas-linked group to learn about Islam.

Looking for Vacation Ideas? Visit the Jihad Museum in Afghanistan


Located in sunny Herat and financed by the private fortune of an Afghan warlord, the Jihad Museum is a G.I. Joe nightmare of plastic action figures murdering each other.

A Weekend of Jihadi Slaughter


Muslim hate for ‘Infidels’ goes up a notch.

Muslims Need to Confront Muslim Evil


Why are there more protests over Muhammad cartoons than over the Nairobi atrocity?

New York Muslim Day Parade Marchers Carry Al Qaeda Jihad Flags


The marchers are saying that they are with the army of Mohammed to make war on New York City.

Jihad in Kenya

A Kenyan woman is helped to safety after shootings in a Nairobi shopping mall

Nairobi shopping mall slaughterers force media into honest reporting.