Hating Valentine’s


Why Islamists and the radical Left loathe the Day of Love.

Melanie Phillips’ Friendly Fire


Phillips betrays her allies when the chips are down — and sends an encouraging message to the enemies of the United Kingdom.

Hating Valentine’s


Why Islamists and the radical Left loathe the day of love.

Benghazi and the Lethal Price of Arming Jihadists


New information on the function of the “consulate” paints a grim picture.

The War Against Free Speech Rages On


Thanks to Obama, thousands of Muslims descend upon Google.

Jihadists Vie for Supremacy in Syria


If Assad falls, who will be left to pick up the pieces?

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Good Riddance to the Jew-haters and Terrorists on the Flotilla to Gaza, Shame on Their Domestic Apologists and Supporters at Salon

Desmond Tutu has condemned the Israelis for defending their waters and their soldiers and for dealing with armed jihadists as armed jihadists should be dealt with. This particular unsavory crew launched their attack with chants celebrating Mohammed’s murder of Jews in the 7th century, which should be a crucial reminder to everyone in denial that [...]

CAIR Spokesman: RevolutionMuslim.com Might Be Part of Anti-Muslim Conspiracy

Handling the RevolutionMuslim.com threat against the makers of South Park should be easy for any spokesman for an organization. Condemn it unequivocally and leave it at that. But not Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the “advocacy” group that was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Palestine Committee” and is listed by [...]

From the Writings of David Horowitz: March 8, 2010

Why is it that when a so-called liberal opens his mouth about the Ft. Hood massacre by a Muslim jihadist I know that I’m going to feel less safe? The corrupt mayor of Chicago (and presidential patron) blames the shooting of 41 soldiers — at the deployment center for the wars against Muslim jihadists in [...]

Our Troops Know and Believe in Moderate Islam

Moderate Muslims are not an anomaly in the Islamic world. In fact, moderate Muslims may actually be the majority in countries like Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.