Carter: I Would Have Beaten Reagan if I Were “Manly”


“I was strong and resolute and, um, manly and so forth.”

New Prophet of Islam Jimmy Carter Says Mohammed’s Sexism was Wrong

muslim feminism

“I hope all of you will use the principles of Allah to bring peace and justice to all.”

Jimmy Carter: The Only Way to Fix Gaza is by Giving Hamas Everything It Wants

Carter, prematurely surrendering in Gaza

Carter just can’t seem to stop reminding everyone of why he was a one-term president.

NYC School Plan to Honor Anti-War Activist/Pedophile Leads to Student Uprising


The singer received a Presidential pardon for raping a 14-year-oid girl from Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter: US Should Give Visa to Iran Embassy Hostage Taker


“You know, those were college students at that time, and I think that they have matured.”

Jimmy Carter Warns Against Sanctions on Iran


Carter praised Obama, saying he “has done the right thing with John Kerry.”

Obama’s Employment Numbers Now Worse than Carter’s


The BLS reports that a record 90 million Americans eligible for work are sitting on the sidelines.

Obama Goes Full-Carter, Puts Solar Panels Back on White House Roof


Finally the solar panels are back and President Carter’s third term can really get starter.

Moral Relativism and Jihad

Carter Meets With Hamas Leader in Gaza

Two events from this week that should alarm everyone concerned about the future of the American Jewish community.

Carter at Cardozo: It’s Not the “New-Anti-Semitism” — It’s the Older Kind


A disturbing glimpse into the roots of Carter’s animus towards Israel.