‘Muslim Jesus’ Demands Sharia Law and Jizya Tribute


The twisted biblical interpretations of Egypt’s most visible Islamist leader.

The Return of Jizya to Egypt


Stage two of the Islamic purification of the country begins.

Muslim Cleric Calls U.S. Aid to Egypt ‘Jizya’


Salafi sheikh exposes the true Islamic view of infidel dollars sent to Muslim nations.

Distorting Reality to Justify Jihad


The warped lengths Islam’s leaders go to…

The Specter of Jizya Returns to Egypt


More and more Muslims seek to institutionalize the extortion of Christians.

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Ron Paul Wants Me To Have a Day Off From Thinking Hard

On Monday, the gift-that-keeps-on-giving known as Congressman Ron Paul had a fierce debate with the Ben “Captain Monotone” Stein over what causes terrorism. Predictably, Ron Paul stuck to the line that they are only terrorists because we are “occupiers.” See the video below:

To Mr. Paul, the terrorists are not pan-Islamic theocrats but violent nationalists fighting [...]

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