Obama Uses Terror-Finance Group to Push Gun Control


U.S. Muslim Brotherhood front ISNA joins special “interfaith” meeting with Joe Biden.

No Human Being on Earth Will Buy Biden’s Book

biden creep

Back when Biden was running for president, Random House gave him a $112,500 advance on Promises to Keep. Currently you can pick up a used copy for 99 cents.

Joe Biden Delivers 1 Minute of Pure Stupidity at Boston Memorial (VIDEO)


Remember that Obama brought Joe Biden on board for his “foreign policy expertise” and that Sarah Palin was an ignorant moron who was too dangerous to be allowed within sight of the big chair.

Obama Administration Offers Direct Talks with Iran


The calculating Islamic Republic hails the U.S.’s new direction.

Will Obama Follow Cuomo’s Example on Guns?


A storm gathers against the Second Amendment.

Obama Power Grabs on the Horizon

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How the Democratic Party will show its totalitarian face in the coming weeks.

Joe Biden’s Religion: Catholicism or Leftism?


The vice president’s bad faith arguments.

Biden Admits Obama is Arming Muslim Brotherhood to Take Over Syria


That Obama is arming and training, directly or indirectly, the Syrian rebels, would be an important revelation in and of itself. Biden’s dismissal of the UN, after years of Democratic whining about Bush’s unilateralism, should also excite comment, but most significantly Biden admits that our view of who should get them derives from the view of Turkey’s Islamist government and Saudi Arabia

Joe Biden Unhinged


Although much younger than Biden, Ryan was the only adult sitting at the VP debate table.

Biden, Obama and the Politics of Personal Destruction


The vice president’s debate nastiness is the new Obama campaign strategy.