“The Vice President has Enough Character to Admit When He’s Made a Mistake”


Joe Biden is continuing his “Apology Across the Middle East” tour.

Biden Apologizes to Islamist Leader of Turkey for Linking Him to ISIS


“You were right. We let too many people through.”

Biden Goes on 3rd Vacation This Month… No One Notices


He’s just a working class joe who takes three vacations a month. Like the rest of us.

Joe Biden: “Give Me $5,600 and I’ll Take Your Baby to the Border”


“Your baby’s going to be home free.”

Biden: “I Don’t Own a Single Stock or Bond”, has 11 Investment Funds


“I wish my kids would become wealthy,” he sighed.

Polish Foreign Minister: Alliance w/US Worthless


Remember how Obama was going to fix our “breakdown” in relations with other countries

Joe Biden Blasts Clintons Over Income Inequality


The Vice President makes $230,000 for doing nothing.

Michelle Obama’s Hotel Too Expensive for Biden

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The Obamas never deny themselves anything at taxpayer expense,

In Poland, Joe Biden Still Has Trouble Telling the Truth


What message is Obama sending to Poland by dispatching a notorious liar?

Obama Dispatches Biden to Poland to “Send Message” to Putin

Biden is here. The problem is solved.

Joe Biden turned to his weakest point. Logic.