Iran Answers Appeasement with Warships

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The frightening failure of Obama’s nuclear weapons deal with the Islamic Republic.

Senator Tom Harkin —- Once Bitten Twice Duped


Educating a Castro fellow traveler on the horrors of “free” Cuban healthcare.

Widow of Murdered Israeli Who Worked With Child Terror Victims Blasts Kerry


Kerry is “living on a planet of his own,” she said.

John Kerry: Misguided Zealot


A review of the secretary of state’s history sheds light on his missteps today.

Threatening for Peace


Kerry warns Israel to concede or reap the wrath of the gods.

John Kerry’s Blackmail


The secretary of state tells Israel to surrender — or the boycotters will win.

Trying to Scare Israel


Why the voices clamoring for Israel to give up more of its rights are putting the country at risk.

Kerry Fights to Save Illegal Alien Cop Killer from Texas Death Row

Faces of Meth

Kerry did not see fit to demand that Iran release an American pastor

John Kerry’s Flying Circus


Mission: Peace process impossible.

Israeli Defense Minister: “All That Can Save Us is for John Kerry to Win a Nobel Prize and Leave Us in Peace”

hanoi john kerry

Ya’alon called Kerry “inexplicably obsessive” and “messianic”