Kerry Admits: Iran Negotiations Not Working


The subtext of the Secretary of State’s recent op-ed.

Al Qaeda Hits Baghdad —- Obama Hits the Beach


Obama can’t fight terrorism, but maybe he can beat the ocean.

You Bet This Is Swiftboating


Washington’s disturbing response to real servicemen telling the truth about a dishonorable comrade.

As Al Qaeda Takes Over Iraq, Kerry Poses with Celebrities

john kerry

If Al Qaeda were dumping garbage in the ocean, John Kerry might pay attention.

John Kerry to Introduce George Soros at Security Forum


Soros will discuss “strengthening democracy and the world economy”

Obama, You’re No Harry Truman


How would the U.S. have responded to Israeli independence if Obama had been president in 1948?

An Open Letter to John Kerry


It’s not us — it’s you.

The Real Apartheid John Kerry Won’t Name — on The Glazov Gang

John Kerry

The Secretary of State slanders Israel — but when will he speak of infidels’ fate under Islam?

John Kerry: Terrorists “Don’t Offer a Health Care Plan”

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry jokes during a cultural event with Italian Foreign Minister Terzi at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome

In Iraq there is AlQaedaCare and it’s just as horrible as ObamaCare.

John Kerry’s Jewish Best Friends


The best response to the secretary of state’s unprecedented bigotry is to reject his Israeli enablers.