Watching This Interview w/McCain Will Lower Your IQ


Why instead of addressing the issues does he begin babbling about Dresden?

The Politics of Victimhood


The dishonest tactics of the Left that stifle debate.

McCain/Graham: America Needs to Stop Being Selfish in Syria

mccain jihad

“This only hardens their pervasive belief that America cares only for itself.”

No, McCain Wasn’t Posing w/ISIS Members


Terrorists yes, ISIS no.

McCain to Kerry: “What You’re Doing is Talking Strongly and Carrying a Twig”


“Sure we may fail. And you want to dump it on me?” Kerry replied.

The Problem Isn’t Just Compromise, It’s Not Getting Anything in Return


It’s another case of giving the Democrats what they want in exchange for giving them more of what they want.

McCain’s Fave Syria Lobbyist says US Must Support “Bad Guy” Islamic Front


“The Islamic Front is the only counterbalance to extremists in Syria.”

Will Obama Really Get the Blame for a Syrian War?

John McCain, Barack Obama

The more McCain acts like he wants a bigger war, the easier the media will find it to explain that it was all the fault of the Republicans.

Meet the Syrian Islamist Organization Controlling Senator McCain’s Agenda

Mouaz Moustafa

Mouaz Moustafa is a Palestinian Arab and the Executive Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force which arranged for McCain’s visit. Senator McCain called Moustafa a “patriot”.

John McCain and ‘Allahu Akbar’


How the Senator from Arizona epitomizes the embarrassing ignorance that is deforming American foreign policy.