Obama Admits Syria Strikes are about Regime Change


Barack Obama portrayed his plans for US military action in Syria as part of a broader strategy to topple Bashar al-Assad

No John, “Allah Akbar” Does Not Mean “Thank God” and It Matters


“Would you have a problem with an American person saying ‘Thank God? Thank God?’” McCain said.

Senator McCain Urges Congress to Protect Obama’s Threat Credibility

John McCain, Barack Obama

“The consequences of the Congress of the United States overriding a decision of the President of the United States of this magnitude are really very, very serious.”

McCain and Lindsay Graham Went to Egypt and All They Got Was This Op-Ed

John McCain, Lindsey Graham

“Democracy is the only viable path to lasting stability, national reconciliation, sustainable economic growth and the return of investment and tourism in Egypt,” the duo write, ignoring the fact that democracy seems to have destroyed all these things.

Egyptians Enraged by U.S. Brotherhood Outreach


Sens. McCain and Graham’s shameless visit to Cairo — and what our media failed to report.

Obama/McCain Love for Muslim Brotherhood Destroying Relationship with Egypt

That's not the Tea Party. That's Egypt.

President Mansour and his prime minister, Hazem Biblawi, described two senior American senators, sent as emissaries of President Barak Obama, as “delusional” and “liars.”

John McCain’s Syria Delusions


The crucial questions the senator refuses to ask in his haste to arm jihadists.

McCain Knows Less About the Syrian Civil War than You Do


The Al Nusra Front had repeatedly fought alongside with and coordinated operations with the Free Syrian Army. Salem Idris, whom he just met with, is on the record as defending the Al Nusra Front.

Obama Administration Offers Direct Talks with Iran


The calculating Islamic Republic hails the U.S.’s new direction.

Peace Corps Vet Chris Matthews Mocks John McCain’s Vietnam Service


Both Matthews and McCain were well connected young men. The difference is that McCain served his country, while Matthews was playing tourist in Africa on Uncle Sam’s dime.