Jonestown Revisited


Podesta’s putdown proves educational.

Obama’s New Center for American Progress Boss is Really Into UFOs


If you like your probing, you can keep your probing.

Obama Brings the Center for American Progress Into the White House


Obama hopes to lie and smear his way out of the ObamaCare mess.

Center for American Progress Chairman Now Working as Lobbyist for Iraq/Iran


Time Magazine described the Center for American Progress as “Obama’s Idea Factory”. The founder and Chairman of the Center for American Progress, John Podesta’s Podesta Group is now the official lobbying firm for the Iraqi government of Maliki, which has rather uncomfortably close ties to Iran.

From the Writings of David Horowitz: April 2, 2010

How did John Podesta and Al Gore and Barack Obama come to be political allies of a far left radical like Van Jones, a 9/11 conspiracy “truther” and a supporter of the Hamas view that the entire state of Israel is “occupied territory?” To answer this question requires an understanding of [...]

Communist 9/11 Truther Van Jones Blows Kisses at Beck

Race-baiting, America-hating, cop killer-loving, self-described communist revolutionary and 9/11 truther Van Jones facetiously reached out to Glenn Beck recently. During his acceptance speech for an NAACP image award Jones said –
To my fellow countryman, Mr. Glenn Beck. I see you and I love you, brother. I love you and you cannot do anything about it. I [...]

John Podesta’s Unified Hope Theory

Many folks have been wondering of late why on earth Obama’s national defense review failed to mention Islam, jihad, or the threat of a nuclear Iran and focused instead on ManBearPig. Those folks are small thinkers who merely need to heed the advice of one John Podesta, a sage man whose writings explain it [...]

Expect a Very Progressive Economic Future

As usual, Fox News host Glenn Beck is proving himself to be one of the few commentators on cable news willing to actually report what happens in Washington, D.C. On his show last Friday, Beck explained whom President Barack Obama relies on to shape his economic policy and what this means. His (and my) conclusion: be [...]

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