How Jon Stewart Gave Us Obama


Bush made Stewart, but Stewart made Obama.

Anti-Israel Jon Stewart Claims Judaism is Nazism

This is where progressives get their news

Jews are the new Nazis. How original.

Jon Stewart Claims He’s Not a Self-Hating Jew, Demonstrates That He Is


“You’ve already got a Jewish guy directing it.”

Jon Stewart Isn’t a Self-Hating Jew, He Just Hates Being Jewish


Jon Stewart frequently bashes Israel. It’s one of his “things”.

Jon Stewart Outraged at Megyn Kelly Using his “Clown Nose” Defense


Jon Stewart has spent a long time hiding behind the clown nose.

Are the Democrats on the Ropes?


The Right can’t afford complacency.

Is the Left Finally Wising Up?


Some progressive celebs and academics are finally targeting Obama.

Morsi-Loving CUNY Professor Goes on Anti-Catholic Rant Over Jon Stewart


Is Habib a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Habib does spend a lot of time shouting Allah Akbar and calling for the downfall of assorted governments

Egyptian Jon Stewart Faces Investigation for Insulting Muslim Brotherhood President


It’s much easier to be Jon Stewart in America. But life isn’t good for Egyptian Jon Stewart, because Jimmy Carter II has done for Egypt, what the original Jimmy did for Iran. And it’s illegal to mock the new Muslim Brotherhood Fuhrer.

Stewart: Patriot, O’Reilly: Pinhead


Guess who’s publicly submitting to Sharia Law?