The Five-Point Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan


The Oslo theory and policy was tested and failed.

Prime Minister of Jordan Sends Condolence Letter to Murderers of 4 Rabbis


Jordan is a “moderate” Muslim country.

Jordanian Parliament Prays for “Spirits of Heroes” Who Murdered 4 Rabbis

muslims jerusalem attack

Jordan is a moderate Muslim country.

UN Appoints Great-Grandson of Caliph Who Opposes Free Speech as Human Rights Chief


Who better than a descendant of a Caliph to push for a global Islamic Caliphate.

Jordan: “You are Palestinians, You Aren’t Allowed to Enter.”


Maybe Israel should adopt the enlightened policies of its Muslim neighbors.

Jordan Oddly Unenthusiastic About Hosting Obama’s Terrorist Training Camps

Hussein & Hussein

The only ones enthusiastic about the plan are Obama and the terrorists.

Israel Might Act to Safeguard Jordan


Jordan’s stability is in Israel’s national interest, and Israel is ready to do whatever it takes to defend it.

Vice Chairman of Jordanian Parliament Endorses Al Qaeda Killing of Saddam Judge


Jordan is one of the most anti-American places in the Middle East.

Everyone in the Middle East Hates John Kerry


It’s a tribute to Kerry’s diplomatic acumen that he managed to alienate everyone in the Middle East.

The Politics of Subversion


Whose interests are Israel’s leftist politicians really fighting for?