The Anti-Israel Movement Campaign Explained

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Pat Condell details the real motives of BDS activists.

The Meaning of Jerusalem Day


The city that was joined together will not be split again.

A Sad Independence Day


How organizations like J Street are destroying Diaspora Jews’ pride in the Jewish homeland.

Islam’s Religious War with Everyone


Separating the real religious oppressors from the oppressed.

Jews Who Abandon Judaism Abandon Israel


A glance at the self-hating narcissism of the Jewish Left.

Most Jews Wish You a Merry Christmas


Why my Orthodox, pro-American family always celebrated the holiday.

Pew, Jews and Missing the Point


And that’s how it all ends.

Why Rabbi Avi Weiss is Wrong

Pictured: Not Orthodox Judaism

Rabbi Avi Weiss’ views have become more radical over the years

Why Bother Being Jewish?


The missing link in the American Jewish community’s connection to Judaism.

The Immoderate Moderation of the “Moderates”


When silence speaks volumes.