Hezbollah and Israel’s Lawyers-in-Chief


How Israeli civilian interests are being subordinated to the interests of their enemies.

Judge Blocks Anti-Conservative Witch-Hunt in Wisconsin


Conservative advocacy groups win key court battle — but the Left vows to keep up the fight.

Christian in Pakistan Sentenced to Life, but Luckily Released


The frightening case of Sajjad Masih — accused of blasphemy.

Judge Throws Out Discrimination Charges Against Paula Deen


But the civil rights lynch mob achieves its damage.

Is the Election Delaying Nidal Hasan’s Trial?


Why the legal wrangling slowing the case down may be about more than just the jihadist’s beard.

Obama Election Manipulation in Swing State Ohio


Activist judge hands down a ruling that gives a huge advantage to the Democratic Party.

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Crime and No Punishment: Norway Killer Legally Insane


Ideology is not insanity.

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Legitimating Bigotry


The legacy of Richard Goldstone.

Courtroom Cirque du Jihad


Welcome to the circus trial of “Lady al-Qaeda” Aafia Siddiqui.

Iraq’s ‘Chemical Ali’ gets 4th death sentence – AP

Saddam Hussein’s notorious cousin “Chemical Ali” was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging on Sunday for ordering the gassing of Kurds in 1988, killing more than 5,000 in an air raid thought to be the worst single attack of its kind on civilians. It was Ali Hassan al-Majid’s fourth death sentence for crimes against […]