Assange Claims America Deserved Consulate Attack


For anyone who still had a twinge of sympathy left for rapist/bigot/foreign agent/civil rights hero Julian Assange, there is his latest stunt, claiming that the UK’s refusal to accept Ecuador harboring a wanted rapist in their embassy is equivalent to 400 attackers striking a US consulate and killing those inside.

The Left’s Version of ‘Legitimate Rape’


Is what Todd Akin said worse than aiding actual rapists like so many in the Democratic Party have done?

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David Horowitz on ‘The World Tomorrow’ with Julian Assange

Freedom Center President battles it out with self-described communist Slavoj Zizek.

David Horowitz on ‘The World Tomorrow’ with Julian Assange


Freedom Center President goes toe-to-toe with self-described communist Slavoj Zizek.

WikiLeaks Goes After Gitmo


The whistle-blowing website’s blatant anti-Americanism reveals itself once again.

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You Can’t Say Colbert Isn’t Patriotic!

Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert interviewed the founder of WikiLeaks and all-round creepy-man Julian Assange, who recently released video of a U.S. Apache helicopter allegedly massacring civilians in Iraq. He definitely earned the first three letters in his last name.
The war in Iraq is something Colbert clearly opposes, but that doesn’t stop [...]

Wikileaks’ ‘Iraq: Collateral Damage’ video ‘doesn’t show the broader picture’

Yeah, I’m shocked, too.
ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper wrote yesterday:
Defense Secretary Robert Gates told me the video recently released by Wikileaks which depicts U.S. troops killing some civilians in Iraq “doesn’t show the broader picture of the – of the firing that was going on at American troops.”
In my “This Week” interview, [...]