Health Secretary: Amnesty Needed to Completely Bankrupt Obamacare


Since Obamacare is already overdrawn, throwing 12 million more people who are low income “high consumers” of medical services will make it even more unworkable faster.

List of 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in Washington Includes 4 Obama Cabinet Members


You have to admit that Obama Inc. is nothing if not ambitious. Some administrations would be satisfied with having only one member of its cabinet show up on the list of the ten most corrupt politicians in government. But Obama Inc doesn’t give up until it scores four of the spots.

Muslim Religious Freedom vs. Catholic Religious Freedom


The Obama administration’s selective interpretation of religious liberty.

Yes, Romney’s Welfare Ad Is Accurate


Respected left-wing figures who agree with the ad are curiously being ignored by the Left.

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Ending Welfare As We Know It


Obama once again attempts to grow the culture of dependency through bureaucratic tyranny.

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Community Organizers Mobilize to Save ObamaCare


Obama administration enlists one of America’s leading economic terrorist groups.

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Communism By Insurance Mandate


How leftists use “insurance” to enforce policies that Americans would never vote for.

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Shredding Kathleen Sebelius


Protecting a system that allows the rapists of underaged girls to avoid authorities.

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