Alison Grimes Claims Being Asked if She Voted for Obama is “Bullying”


Not voting for Alison Grimes… is also bullying her.

Washington Post Says Grimes Should be “Ashamed” of Ad Blaming Republicans for Coal Plant Shut Down by Obama

allison grimes

“Indeed, it is likely the worst ad of a nasty campaign year.”

Homeland Insecurity: Al Qaeda ‘Refugees’ on Welfare


Only in Obama’s America.

Kentucky Dems to Replace Ashley Judd with Miss America Murderer

heather french henry

Suddenly Ashley Judd doesn’t look so bad.

It’s a “Politics of Personal Destruction” Rodeo

It's the dog who needs the real psychological support

The “Politics of Personal Destruction” is the pretense of victimization built around the false notion that some things, like Bill Clinton’s affairs or Ashley Judd’s Psychological Support Dog, should be off limits

Media Malpractice


Welcome to the world where Richard Blumenthal’s lies are less reprehensible than Rand Paul’s honest opinion.

The Anti-Incumbency Myth


Voters hate liberalism, not the establishment.

The Fall of the Incumbents


A Tea-Party led rebellion against big government sweeps some familiar faces out of office.

It’s All the Tea Party’s Fault


The Left’s haters continue their smear campaign.

GOP mines coal-country anxieties –

Republicans believe there are three words so powerful that they might reshape the political order in an economically beleaguered corner of the country: War on coal. With Democrats holding total control of the federal government and a cap-and-trade bill still looming, the GOP is fanning widespread coal country fears that the national Democratic Party is […]