Living While an Infidel (LWI): The Garissa University Massacre


Another instance of Islamic-on-everyone and anyone aggression.

‘Are You Muslim or Christian? Death to Christians!’

147 die in an attack on Kenyan university

The Kenyan university jihad in context.

A Terror Mastermind Comes to New York


Obama’s jihad denial promises to turn the trial of Abu al-Libi into a circus.

Kenyan Parliament Rethinking Somali Immigration after Bloody Mall Carnage


It’s something that we should also be thinking seriously about

Why Terrorists Kill


The deadly combination of money, power and Islam.

Al-Shabaab and Obama’s Family Push For Islamic Kenya


What the Nairobi mall massacre really means.

A Weekend of Jihadi Slaughter


Muslim hate for ‘Infidels’ goes up a notch.

Muslims Need to Confront Muslim Evil


Why are there more protests over Muhammad cartoons than over the Nairobi atrocity?

Muslim Terrorists Tell Mother They Shot They’re Not Monsters, Tell her Islam is a Good Religion

Kenya Mall Attack

“He told me I had to change my religion to Islam and said ‘Do you forgive us? Do you forgive us?’,

Off-Duty Brit Soldier w/Gun Saves 100 in Kenya


If only he had an AR-15. Then Piers Morgan’s head would explode.