Jihad in Kenya

A Kenyan woman is helped to safety after shootings in a Nairobi shopping mall

Nairobi shopping mall slaughterers force media into honest reporting.

In the Name of Islam


What the Kenya killings were really about.

America’s “Little Mogadishus” Produced 3 of the Kenya Al Qaeda Terrorists


Ahmed Mohamed Isse, 22, “native” of St. Paul, Minn., Abdifatah Osman Keenadiid, 24, of Minneapolis, and Gen Mustafe Noorudiin, 27, of Kansas City, Mo.

UK PM Says Terror Attack Carried Out for Islam has Nothing to do with Islam


“They don’t represent Islam or Muslims in Britain or anywhere else in the world.”

Kenya Killers Used Muslim Prayer to tell apart Muslims and non-Muslims


Several children were among those massacred. Some of those killed were executed after failing to recite a Muslim prayer at gunpoint.

Kenya Terrorists: “If You are Muslim… We’ve Come to Rescue You.”


Al Shabaab confirmed that Muslims had been “escorted” to safety, whilst “infidels” were targeted for death

Obama Uses Tax Dollars to Support Voter ID in Kenya, Opposes it in US

Barack Obama

“The irony is that the president is using taxpayer dollars to promote something in Africa that he is actively suppressing in the United States, and calling people names who are promoting that very thing,”

Obama’s Cousin Loses Presidential Election, Supporters Riot


Two people were shot dead in the unrest, but the violence was on a much smaller scale than the nationwide bloodshed that followed Odinga’s last presidential election defeat.

Kenyan Forces Outperforming US Forces in War Against Islamists


Kenyan soldiers do not have to worry about being court martialed if they fire first. They don’t have to worry about being told to retreat or hide because their lives are worth less than winning the hearts and minds of the locals.

Meet Obama’s Wahhabist Relatives


How the Kenyan Obamas spread radical Islam through the disguise of charity.