Senate Dems Put Steyer’s Billions Over US Jobs, Hand Louisiana to GOP


This is another reminder of why the Dems lost the Senate, the House and America.

Harry Reid Gets $5 Mil from Billionaire with Stake in Shutting Down Keystone


At least we know that Harry Reid is an honest man

Obama and Keystone – He Can’t Afford to Offend Either Side


It’s a cowardly move for a cowardly dishonest administration.

Obama’s Keystone Cop-Out

Blog Post for Canada Trade Story

American jobs and energy security sacrificed on the altar of radical ideals.

The Costs of the Environmentalism Cult


A fundamental incoherence about humans and their relationship to nature — and how it harms our economic interests.

Obama’s Keystone Pipeline Block Causes Environmental Disaster

Minnesota crude oil spill

This is what happens when your idea of best sustainable practices involves blocking a secure pipeline and instead relying on Warren Buffett to transport your oil.

How Marxism Killed Keystone


The real agenda lurking in Obama’s environmentalism.

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The Land of Obama Make-Believe


After killing many thousands of blue-collar jobs, the president heads to Disney World and high-rolling Manhattan fund-raisers.

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Killing Keystone


Lies from the president as elite radicals nix jobs for struggling blue-collar workers.

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