To Kill a Kafir — on The Glazov Gang

Isis fighters

Dr. Edward L. Dalcour takes us into the heart of Qur’anic darkness.

You Can Kill, But Not Murder

Keith Breeze Ten Commandments

Why there’s no biblical basis for pacifism.

Clinton Admits He Passed on Killing Bin Laden


…And the world changed forever.

Why Democrats Hate Work


Explaining the Left’s celebration of 2.5 million dropping out of the workforce because of ObamaCare.

Why Do They Slaughter Their Victims?


Examining an everyday-as-usual thing in traditional Islamic societies.

For Christians, Spring Begins with Persecution


From Morocco to India the followers of Jesus are target #1.

Without PR Firms, Could Mideast Dictators Remain in Power?


Millions spent to cover up mass brutality.

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Islamic Muslim Cleric Suggests How To Get Infidels To Convert To Islam


A video reveals that truth is stranger than fiction.

Where Is Obama’s Popularity Bounce?


Americans noticed how their president frightened himself with his Charles Bronson routine.

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Osama Dead and Targeted Killing Vindicated


The international community’s anti-Israel double standard on targeted killing is now exposed.

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