Islamic State Prime Time


ISIS launches its growing-up-jihadi video theme — by exploiting a 10-year-old boy.

Terrorist Attack or ‘Traffic Incident’?


The Obama State Department’s cold response to a fatal Palestinian terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

Moral Equivalence, Moral Idiocy

Thousands attend funeral of Mohammad Abu Khdeir in Shu'afat

Dispelling the myth of the “cycle of violence” in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Murdered Christian Children: The Price of Obama’s Pro-Brotherhood Jihad


The true face of Obama’s Islamist political allies.

The Legacy of 9/11 Hero Danny Lewin


An Israeli-American who sacrificed his life — and became a symbol of the West’s struggle against barbarity.

Islam’s ‘Rule of Numbers’ Explains London Beheading


The more Muslims, the more Islamic behavior—including brazen slaughter of infidels.

Tommy Robinson on Woolwich Islamist Terrorist Attack

Picture 8

A gruesome wake-up call for the United Kingdom.

A Terrorist Carrying a Press Pass Is Still a Terrorist


Hamas’s latest weapon against Israel.

When Class Envy Kills


New details suggest a chilling motive behind a Manhattan nanny’s murder of two children.

Another Palestinian Fraud Exposed

kid killed by hamas

The pro-Hamas media feed the terrorists’ propaganda machine.