Arab Israeli Politician Praises Terrorism


The Hamas representative in the Israeli Knesset.

Preventing an Israeli Fifth Column


The disturbing statements of Arab-Israeli politicians — who operate freely in the Knesset.

Meet Ruby Rivlin, Israel’s New Strong, Nationalistic President


A new era of Israeli politics?

Muslim MK Who Claimed House Doesn’t Have Electricity Because of Israel, Has Satellite Dish


He not only has a satellite dish, the Muslim Brotherhood member also has two wives.

In G-D We Trust, Not the Media


Lessons for Israel and the Jewish people.

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Netanyahu’s New Mega-Coalition


Israeli prime minister now has the strongest mandate possible to do whatever needs to be done for the country.

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Coming of Age Under Qassam Rockets


Israeli girls relive their childhood terror on stage.

Fighting the Goldstone Report

Switzerland UN Gaza War Crimes

The Israeli army takes on a vicious UN libel.

John Bolton: Democracy Under Arrest –

Universal jurisdiction” sounds like a term plucked from obscure international law journals, but it has pernicious and profoundly antidemocratic consequences in the real world. A British arrest warrant, issued over the weekend in London for former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni, shows precisely why. The warrant charged Ms. Livni—the current leader of the Knesset opposition—with […]

Syria’s Latest “Peace” Overture – by P. David Hornik


Hollow posturing from a terror-supporting, anti-Semitic regime.