Thrown in Prison for Shredding the Koran


Dominance of Sharia blasphemy laws reaches a perilous turning point in Europe.

Muslims Threaten to Slit Jerusalem Cop’s Throat After Koran Shoe Outrage


A group of female Muslim worshippers at the entrance to the Temple Mount were disrupting visitors from entering through the Jewish entrance. Police on site attempted to move the group of women and during the ensuing commotion a Quran fell out of one of the women’s bags.

A Christmas Carol


How some quick-acting Norwegian parents saved their kids from a halal yule.

E-Tracking Saudi Women


What’s next, doggie shock collars for wives?

An Ode to ‘Islamic Truth’


Salafis are only more “radical” than the Muslim Brotherhood in their honesty.

It’s Hatred and Violence in the Qur’an Awareness Month!


A much-needed answer to “Islamophobia Awareness Month.”

The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism


Andrew G. Bostom masterfully unveils the true story of the “religion of peace” and its war on human freedom.

How ‘Religious Defamation’ Laws Would Ban Islam


If Western films and cartoons defame Islam, the Quran itself defames all other religions.

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Muslim Clerics: Kill All Who Insult Islam


In the new Egypt, clerics openly call for the murder of apostates and blasphemers.

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Jewish Broken Jaw or Burnt Muslim Koran?

zachary tennen

What’s more of a hate crime, a Jewish student whose jaw was broken… or a burnt Koran left outside a mosque? Answering questions like these are about what we value as a civilization. Human beings or Muslim scriptures? Zachary Tennen said two college-aged males asked if he was Jewish and when he answered yes, the […]