Muslims Complain About Lack of Mosques in Korea

muslim problems

Why aren’t there Buddhist temples in Saudi Arabia?

Anti-American Asians Don’t Speak for Me


Why “Yankees” should shun Jackie Chan and rapper PSY.

The Fate of Our POWs From The Korean War


The infuriating and tragic tale told by 92,000 declassified documents.

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Casting the First Stone


The Religious Left upholds the tradition of condemn Israel first.

The New Korean War


Kim Jong-il puts his tyranny’s armed forces on war footing.

North Korean ‘Stairway to Heaven’?


More propaganda by the religious Left on behalf of the worst offenders of religious persecution.

A Madman’s Blaze of Glory


How much provocation can South Korea take?

Remembering the Cold Warriors

American Soviet Flag

Will the unsung heroes who guarded against the communist threat ever get their due?

Obama’s Unexceptional Nation


Never has a U.S. president been so idealistic about the world but so cynical about America’s role in it.

They Fought Like Tigers


Recounting the heroism of Cuba’s fallen and forgotten freedom-fighters.