The Mullahs’ Expanding Empire


While Obama capitulates, the Islamic Republic brags that it’s captured three Arab capitals.

Inside the Fight against ISIS in Iraq


The abandoned fighters on the front lines speak.

Islamist Turkey’s Betrayal


Helping ISIS by bombing kurds.

Unlike Libyan Jihadists and Mexican Drug Cartels, Obama Won’t “Break Law” to Provide Weapons to Kurds


Obama is all about following the law…

A Vastly Changed Middle East

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about Syria during a joint news conference with Swedish Prime Minister in Stockholm

Could the nation states of the region be on the verge of disintegration?

Kurds Declare Independence in Syria


Kurds view the civil war as an opportunity to gain autonomy

Understanding Turkish PM Erdogan’s Racist Crack


Erdoğan declared, “Kılıçdaroğlu is striving every bit he can to raise himself from the level of a black person to the level of a white man.”

The Kurds and the Future of Syria


Obama’s failure to cultivate a democratic alternative to the Islamist-led Syrian rebels.

Free Syrian Army Now Fighting the Kurds


The Kurds however may be a potential gamechanger. In North Africa, the Tuareg rebels were easily beaten by their former Islamist allies leading to the current disastrous situation in Mali. But the Kurds have generally been tougher and have a long experience of being fighters. The question is how will the PKK do against the Jihadists?

U.S. Double Standard Towards The Kurds


Palestinian statehood: thumbs up; Kurdish independent state: thumbs down.